Asian Transsexual & Katoi - Dating with a Ladyboy of Asian origin

Make Transsexual Dating More Simple

You would like to meet an Asian transsexual more commonly known as Ladyboy, but you don’t know how to proceed. However, it is much easier today to find love, thanks to the many online dating sites, many are very reputable and offer the possibility of making encounters with this type of profile.

How do you find adventure or love? 

What are the really serious ways to meet people?

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    Keep it simple: Search for a trans Asian girl on a trans dating site

    The easiest way to meet people is simply to go on the Internet and go through dating sites. Among the best known ones offering Ladyboy dating, you have the following three.

    Dating site logo My LadyBoy Date

    MyLadyboyDate : To meet the love of an Asiatic transsexual woman

    MyLadyBoyDate is the site specialized in Asian transsexual dating.

    This site is designed to make serious encounters and to give the chance to transsexual people who wish to find love.

    Created by a man who himself knew how to find love with an Asian transsexual. You can safely browse the sites and get in touch with profiles that have been checked beforehand to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Dating site logo

    Tsdates: Do one-night stands with an Asian tranny.

    Tsdates is one of the pioneers of trans dating sites, it was founded in 1996, even before this subject was less taboo. Despite everything, you will have to be patient, there are millions of members and not all of them are looking for a serious relationship.

    It is also necessary to be wary of false profiles present on this site, if from the moment of your inscription you already receive many messages, they are generally false, it will thus be necessary to avoid answering them. It is preferable that it is you who will select the profiles that interest you most and consider a contact.

    It remains, the ideal site being specialized in transexuality and with a strong Asian community including the famous Katoï. It will only remain for you to select Asian profiles, to meet one of her.

    Why using a dating site will make your search easier?

    Even if the subject is less taboo and even less in the country of the Katoi, it is not easy to meet an Asian transsexual in France, like that in the street, it is certainly easier to meet ladyboy in Thailand. By registering on dating sites and even more on the sites dedicated to the Katoi, you will be able to get in touch with more people who attract you, create links and then meet one of these people if you wish.

    It’s much simpler, moreover if it’s a first for you, you’ll be much more comfortable at first, exchanging by message, rather than seeing the person directly.

    The subject is certainly less taboo, but it remains very discreet, despite the choice of life, which they have made for their happiness. It is for this reason that the transsexuals are not necessarily well welcomed they prefer, they also prefer to make meetings by a site of meeting.


    Thai Transgender Star Jirachaya Mo Sirimongkolnawin
    Thai Transgender Star Jirachaya Mo Sirimongkolnawin

    Asian Transsexual, Ladyboy: How to meet them?

    To meet Asian transsexuals, also called ladyboy, the best is always to go through dating sites, to get proposals near you, especially if you do not live in town.

    But if you live in the city, like Paris, there are certain districts, which are more favorable for the trans meeting. Ladyboy will mainly meet in the neighbourhoods where they will feel good, the 13th arrodissement, is the one that gathers the Asian community, so that’s where you will have more chance to meet an Asian trans.

    Then, you can go to the so-called “gay and lesbian” bars, where once again transsexuals tend to go to feel more comfortable and free, without being judged.

    Announcement of Asian transsexuals, chat with Ladyboy: Watch out for fakes!

    The last possibility is to make an encounter via chat, beware, many profiles are false, it is not the ideal solution. You’ll have to be very careful, if you are asked to pay anything to get in touch with the person, it’s a scam.

    You must therefore be very careful and not make a hasty meeting, make sure of the quality and sincerity of the person before considering meeting them face to face.

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