Make Transsexual Dating More Simple

It’s not easy to have trans encounters and it doesn’t matter how much or why. The difficulty is the same, whether it is to find true love or to make simple one-night stands.

The demand is growing and more and more dating sites are being created. We must be careful and not be fooled, these sites are not all so serious, we must inquire first.

What are the really serious dating sites?

Can you really find love? 

Finding love is not an obvious thing and finding love with a transsexual is even less so, especially when you live outside a big city. Transsexuality is not always an easy subject to talk about and it is still a situation that is highly judged.

The simplest is to make its own way on its side, when one is not received as hoped and to get there, platforms and dating sites are ideal. You will be able to discuss freely without worrying about prejudices. You may find love, if you turn to the right dating sites, quality and serious sites.

Online dating : Trans / Ladyboy / Shemale - Know where to put your feet between a one-night stand and a love encounter

When you search, you’ll come across all kinds of sites, sites where you’ll find people looking for a one-night stand. But you will also find more serious trans dating sites, where you can find love. And if you just want to, to make encounters to create friendships or more, it is also possible.

The easiest way is to do your own research, according to your desires and needs. To find serious profiles, you will have to choose sites where the profiles are checked, the searches are made according to your criteria. What is sure it is that you will discuss with transsexuals who have the same expectations as you.

The principle is the same if you are looking for a less serious story, the sites you can find will put their service forward. As well as the qualities of their services to find people who have the same desires as you. While doing your research, take into account our few tips to find the sites that correspond to your needs.

Transsexual couple

The Best Dating Sites Recommended by Rencontre Trans

There are many dating sites with each offering well-defined services and for others the aim is simply to take advantage of the market and often they simply intend to take advantage of it.

Not all online trans dating sites, therefore, are equally serious. One depends on the sites, they will not necessarily meet your expectations. To better guide you and find the sites, which will be in adequacy with what you seek, here are the best sites of transsexual meetings.

Dating site logo My transsexual date

My Transsexual Date

My Transsexual Date, belongs to the same owner as My LadyBoy Date, as said before it is a person who is herself in a relationship with a LadyBoy. This site is also a quality site, with serious and also verified profiles. The only difference with My LadyBoy Date, is the population, the site is open to everyone. 

It’s a totally free platform, where profiles are detailed with correct photos and again without nudity. On the profiles is indicated what the person is looking for, this allows you to see if the profile could correspond to you. To get to one of these profiles, you just have to enter certain criteria such as the search location, which can be done by city and country, but also the age range.

Dating site logo was launched in 1996, making it one of the oldest sites on the market. This gives it a great advantage and has millions of members, so there is bound to be a profile that matches you among them. The advantage it is that it has a very simple interface and allows to enter in contact easily and quickly with a transsexual.

However, it is important to know that on this site there are many more people who are looking for fun and do not necessarily want a serious relationship. What characterizes it is that you will be able to exchange photos easily and safely. The site is completely free, however if you want to get in touch with someone you will have to opt for a subscription. 

Logo Trans Nextdoor

Trans Nextdoor

Rising star of the transsexual dating sites, is today the meeting point of a large community of people wishing to meet each other simply and quickly. The site is easy to use and attracts a young and connected generation.

If you are only looking for a serious and lasting relationship, this is not the site you will find the most candidates, but if you are looking for a light or quick relationship, this is the trendy site at the moment. The advantage is that the majority of people are there for the same purpose, flirting and meeting for experiences.

Dating site logo My LadyBoy Date

My LadyBoy Date

My Lady Boy Date is very famous, it is part of the serious sites of transsexual meeting with Asian people, it is necessary to know that “ladyboy” is the name given to the transsexuals of Asia. It is a serious site which proposes verified profiles. This site was set up by a Frenchman, who is himself put in couple with a ladyboy native of the Philippines. 

You will find mainly an Asian population, who are looking for a serious relationship. Unlike other sites on this dating site you will not have explicit and dubious photos, they will be all that is reasonable. People registered on My LadyBoy Date, may not be looking for the love of their life, and others who are looking for a real companion for life.

My Trangender Cupid Logo


My Transgender Cupid is a web platform dedicated to transgender dating. It offers a unique experience for any Trans person looking for a serious encounter. It is a user-friendly and ergonomic site with a set of innovative features facilitating exchanges and research for each member.

Registration on My Transgender Cupid is free, but it is possible to purchase a paid subscription. All the conditions are right for you to experience an exceptional transsexual romance with a trustworthy profile.

My Ladyboy Cupid Logo


The platform is a dating site for transgender people. Registration is free for everyone. However, it pays off in some cases for men. Easy to use, the site allows subscribers to block contacts or report suspicious spam accounts.

The Ladyboy community is vast and continues to grow. However, the site offer a smartphone application and is accessible in some regions. Also, the live chat is not functional for the moment and the method of payment does not preserve anonymity.

Internet the best way to make transsexual encounters!

What is better today to make transsexual meetings, that to make it share internet, you make it quietly from your home, and you can discuss freely. There are many sites where to get in touch to make trans encounters, on specialized sites, but also on more generalist sites, then what are the differences and the advantages of these different sites.

Specialized dating sites

These sites are specialized in the transsexual meeting and for some for the meeting of ladyboy. Once you will have proceeded to the inscription, you will not have bad surprises, you will be able to benefit from verified profiles. As said previously among these sites there are some that allow you to meet transsexuals for a one night story, but for others it is not their goal, people are registered to make serious encounters and create a real story.

It is therefore necessary to know exactly what you are looking for, in order to turn to the right sites, which will offer you profiles that you will like. To get your own idea, you usually have a one-month trial period offered to you, you can then see if the site in question meets your expectations.

General dating sites

By generalist dating site, we mean site where all types of meeting is possible, between man and woman, but also to meet transsexuals. All these dating sites do not yet offer the possibility to get in touch with trans people, but many of them do, because the demand is more and more important.

On these sites you will just have to choose the category of people you wish to contact. Once this choice is made it will be registered and suitable profiles will be proposed to you. As with the specialized sites, you will have people who are looking to make serious encounters and others where members are simply looking for a one-night stand. So once again you need to define your expectations and direct yourself to the right dating sites.

Of course nothing prevents you from going out by yourself in nightclub, bar or restaurant to date, we recommend you our ranking of the best places to meet a transgender woman on

Dating site, Trans ad, Trans chat for online dating: Tips to avoid problems

You can absolutely enjoy dating sites for free up to a certain limit. Indeed, depending on the sites, the formulas vary and you will be able to benefit from more or less services according to their offers. Usually if you want to get in touch with someone, you have to take out a subscription, then you can propose an appointment, to see her live.

The sites of small ads, are mainly consulted by people looking for one-night stands. The people who post the ads are not looking for a serious relationship, you have to be careful because sometimes they are just looking to make money. Indeed, it is generally necessary to pay to be able to contact the person who posted the ad.

On the internet it is important to be wary, as with all classic sites, there may be fake ones, set up by dishonest people, which could cost you a lot of money. First by registering on a site you disclose a lot of personal information, they could be used or resold. But not all the creator of the site could take advantage of this to spread viruses and absorb your banking data, to use them.

In order not to be fooled, it is necessary to be well informed about the chosen site, before you connect and read the notices. But you must also make sure that the site, contains all the elements indicating a safe site. Have an up-to-date and functional antivirus, don’t put an email address that you use daily and that you use for important actions, don’t use your real name, but rather a pseudonym.

Transsexual couple in bed

Meeting a transsexual woman and having a relationship: We tell you everything

Maybe you’re new at this and you don’t know how to handle it. We’ll go over everything again to clarify everything and be totally ready on the day of the meeting and during your exchanges beforehand on the dating site.

To make a transsexual meeting what is necessary to have on a transsexual?

The first thing to know is that transsexuals are not homosexuals, it’s a feeling that they feel deep inside, they have become women, because it’s the gender that touches them deep inside. So it is no longer “he”, but “she”, and when you meet her, you must treat her as such, as an ordinary woman, because that is what she wants. 

In the same vein, we should not insist on the transition and the change of sex, this can be a subject that could be embarrassing and misinterpreted. The person you have come to see might take this meeting as a one-night stand, and not as a real date with more serious ambitions.

Why meet a transgender woman?

There are many reasons to meet a transgender woman, they have many qualities like all women and would be foolish to deprive themselves of them. Among these qualities you can count the following:

Her looks and her beauty

Transgender people are people who care about their physical appearance. They like to take care of themselves and look good, their goal is to look as much like a woman as possible and they do their utmost to do so. They are generally very beautiful and it is difficult to notice that they are actually men.

His character and personality

It is not the character of a man that you will have before you, but that of a woman. You will feel softness, femininity, they generally have a sensitive character, so it is important to take care of her. But they do not remain less strong to go through all this change sometimes, even often alone.

His views on sexuality

His point of view on sexuality, is not the point that holds the most importance for a transsexual, their wish and to be able to meet a person who has the same ambitions as her. Build a lasting relationship and not a one-night stand. It is thus necessary to be careful and not to engage the subject immediately, knowing that the change of sex, is perhaps not yet carried out.

Be then always then with her, in the same way as any woman you do not choose to meet a transsexual woman but a woman with these qualities and her physique. Don’t forget your tastes and your desires either, you can very well look for a woman because she is transgender, whether you want to meet a ladyboy, meet a black trans, meet a Brazilian trans, meet a shemale or meet a transvestite.

How do you pick up girls in a transgender encounter?

If this is your first time, you may be stressed and afraid of doing it wrong. So here are some tips to help you get ready and make sure your appointment goes smoothly.

Just like a regular appointment, you need to prepare yourself properly, take the time to get ready. Before the appointment try to find out what the person likes, not to change yourself, or change who you are, you have to be yourself, but to have a little attention for her.

You have to be yourself, do not be shy, the person in front of you and like you it has feelings, ideas and feelings. However if it is a first time, an appointment with a transsexual, it is normal to have apprehensions and to feel slightly light, it is necessary to assume it and not to hide thoughts, because the person in front of you will certainly be as stressed as you for this meeting.

You need to be clear about your intentions, if the goal is just for a one-night stand, you need to say so. But in the same way, if you want to make real connections and start a lasting story, you also need to let the person know.

The first thing is the most important, is to always be sincere about your attentions, if you want an adult meeting say so, you must be clear when you talk with the person. If you hide it from him, the meeting may go badly and you will be badly received. By having both of you have the same attentions, you will then be able to enjoy your evening to the fullest.

The most regrettable thing is to lie, starting a relationship with a lie is a bad thing and it won’t work. Throughout the appointment be sincere, if you have compliments to make, make them, everyone appreciates receiving nice words, but you should not hesitate to be honest too.

Sometimes your goal will not be to find true love, but simply to enjoy your celibacy and have sex with a transgender person just for one night. That’s an idea, but it’s no reason to go wrong, here are some tips.

It will depend on where the transgender person is in their transition, and how they feel in their body. Sometimes they don’t like their bodies themselves and are embarrassed, you don’t have to be completely undressed to enjoy them. To start and enjoy your evening, you could use sextoys. But once the transition is made, it will be totally possible to have sex as you like and in a more classic way.

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