6 of the Best Dating Sites where to meet Transexuals

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    Finding the love of one’s life or simply a one-night stand is not always an easy task in this overly formatted and traditional society. To remedy this, dating sites have become the best solutions to have relationships of various natures. For people with trans identities, specific applications have been created to enable them to find themselves in a community where members speak the same language. Among the multitude of sites that exist, which are the 4 best? Is it necessary to pay for this kind of site? How to avoid the traps on these sites? So many questions whose answers are not obvious, but which we answer in detail.

    The 6 best dating sites to meet trans, ladyboy, transvestite

    Our top 6 has the merit of presenting reliable sites for all types of relationships with trans people. This selection will be suitable for the largest number of people all over the world.

    N°1 MyTranssexualDate

    Dating site logo My transsexual date


    The best of all for a true and lasting relationship.


    N°2 Trans Nextdoor

    Logo Trans Nextdoor

    Trans Nextdoor

    Make quick encounters with a transsexual.


    N°3 TsDates

    Dating site logo TSdates.com


    The reference and historical meeting place with the largest community.


    N°4 MyLadyBoyDate

    Dating site logo My LadyBoy Date


    The specialist for Asian transsexual encounters.


    N°5 MyTransgenderCupid

    My Trangender Cupid Logo


    A great name of the LGBT dating world.


    N°6 MyLadyBoyCupid

    My Ladyboy Cupid Logo


    A great name for dating in the Asian community.


    The opinion we have on these dating sites !

    Dating sites are a very good option for flirting in complete discretion and freedom. Often, approaching trans people on the street can be judgmental or complex. By registering on these sites especially dedicated to this community, it is easier to communicate in order to find a partner.

    Moreover, with these dating sites, the profiles are different, both physically and in terms of the type of relationship sought. There is therefore more choice and a much better chance of finding a perfect match to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

    About recommended dating sites

    Dating site logo My transsexual date

    MyTranssexualDate : Long and lasting relationship

    This site has practically the same operating mode as the previous one. Created by transsexual women, it has a mobile version for cell phones and tablets. Its strong point is the creation of profile matches for lasting relationships only. Within this framework, safety is of stake in order to avoid as much as possible the encrustation of the malicious persons.

    All features are free for women. Conversely, men must pay a subscription to access the entire platform. To date, nearly 100,000 people have registered and are looking for true love with trans people.

    Logo Trans Nextdoor

    Trans Nextdoor : Quick meeting for a flirt or more

    This site is by far one of the best in the transgender community. Created in 2018, it gathers trans people living in Switzerland, Belgium and France. Here, there are no taboos, users are rather open-minded. This allows people looking for a first experience with a transgender person to integrate quickly.

    Moreover, most of the registered people are looking for a quick one-night stand, sometimes with no tomorrow. Thus, discussions do not drag on and quickly lead to a physical meeting. However, along the way, it is not uncommon for some flirtations to lead to serious love or friendship relationships.

    To meet people on Trans Nextdoor, you must first register for free on the platform. Then, to enjoy instant messaging, webcam chats or other advanced features, you need to subscribe.

    Dating site logo TSdates.com

    TsDates : The transsexuals of the whole world

    It could be compared to a social media for trans identities, as it is a place where people from different backgrounds meet. TsDates is the place to be to exchange with transgender people from all over the world, regardless of their geographical location. You can find a bit of everything on this site, which also has a mobile application.

    Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand, a fling, an adventure or a long-term relationship, you’re bound to find the right profile. Like any serious application, the best features of the site are paid for.

    The subscription entitles you to email, webcam chats and even hot photos or videos of the users. The temperature rises quickly as promised by the slogan of the site!

    Dating site logo My LadyBoy Date

    MyLadyBoyDate : The specialist of love with a ladyboy

    This dating site was designed by a transsexual couple for transvestites and ladyboys. This is a considerable advantage, because the founders master the needs of this community. Here, there is no question of a one-night stand. The site is aimed at people looking for a lasting and serious relationship with transgender, transvestites or ladyboys.

    If the site is available worldwide with thousands of active members, it allows above all a meeting with Asians. In order to keep the entire site community safe, the creators have set up a control system.

    Therefore, new members after their free registration must imperatively put a profile picture and write a description. This information is checked and approved by the administrator before giving access to the site’s messaging system. The rest of the features are free for trans women, but paid for by men.

    My Trangender Cupid Logo

    MyTransgenderCupid : Finding love differently with the LGBT

    If like many, you are interested in meeting transgender people, My Transgender Cupid is the site for you. This site is all about dating that can lead to long term relationships. Registration is quick and easy and allows you to consult profiles of men and women from various backgrounds who, like you, are looking for a sincere and lasting relationship. A team is also at your disposal to guide you and provide you with the best transgender dating experience.


    My Ladyboy Cupid Logo

    MyLadyBoyCupid : The Asian LGBT community

    Existing since 2014, My Ladyboy Cupid is a special dating site. It is intended for transgender people and those who seek them as partners. My Ladyboy Cupid is based on creating serious and real relationships. If you are looking for your soul mate for life, you are in the right place. Many of the relationships started on this site have resulted in marriages and many users are satisfied. The other great advantage is that you have the possibility to find transsexuals all over the world.

    Free trans dating site VS trans dating site VS paid trans dating site: What are they worth ?

    To choose, it is better to opt for trans pay dating sites. There are several reasons for this choice.

    On the one hand, the fact of paying a subscription is a guarantee of seriousness on the part of the Internet user who wants to satisfy a real need. Thus, with the paying sites, there is less risk to fall on false profiles or impostors. On the other hand, paying sites are not interrupted by untimely advertising. The experience is therefore better than on free sites.

    Moreover, in terms of functionality, paid sites are more advanced. They offer less common and more advanced services. For example, geolocation, video calls or photo albums are features that are specific to paid sites.

    Fake dating sites, fake profiles and scams: How to avoid them?

    In the world of dating sites, false profiles and scammers are legion. They are much more present on completely free sites, but not non-existent on paid sites. To avoid them, it is important to be well informed about transgender platforms before registering.

    This is why our selection is interesting, because it offers trans sites whose security and reliability are proven. By opting for one of these sites, you can be sure that you are talking to people who exist. Your data will be well guarded and the risk of scams is considerably limited.

    3 tips for a first experience on a transsexual dating site

    If you are new to a transgender dating site, you need to pay attention to three key elements.

    Your profile picture and how to choose it!

    This is the first image of you that you send to other users. It is therefore essential to add a photo to your profile to attract more people. However, the profile picture should be clear and without too many tricks. You should avoid naked photos and those where you have enticing postures at the risk of not being accepted, at least on serious sites.

    Your description and how to write it!

    It is this element that allows other subscribers to know a little more about your personality. Here, it is important to be concise and list the essence of your character traits with an ounce of humor. It is also important to clearly state your expectations on the site without being vulgar and without appearing desperate.

    Your first message and how to write it!

    When it comes time for the first message, you have to be natural and brief. Overly generalized catchphrases or the usual compliments on the physique should be avoided. You can start with a polite greeting followed by a comment related to one of the points listed in your recipient’s description. Either way, keep it simple: it’s the best way to start a discussion.

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