How to Approach a Trans Woman when you are Attracted to Her?

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Are you attracted to a transgender woman? Like all other women, a transgender woman has love to give, but you have to know how to do it well to win her heart. How then to flirt with a transgender woman without being clumsy?

Start by catching his eye

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The eyes are the reflection of the soul, they say. They express what we feel deep inside. Whether it is joy, sadness, hatred or love, the language of the eyes has no secret.

That’s why you have to rely on your eyes to arouse the interest of the one you are attracted to. Not very convenient, to attract on you the glance of a trans woman requires technicality.

Indeed, don’t be aggressive, don’t give her a reason to flee at first sight. So manage to give her a soft look. For that, maintain your glance on her until your eyes meet.

Don’t turn away from her gaze, focus on her, and let your eyes speak for themselves. Be careful not to blink too often. Never capitulate to her gaze, rather show her that you have guts, that you are confident. Keep your cool!

For sure, she will smile, blush or maybe even lower her gaze.

Cause an “accident

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If you’re good enough with scenarios, seduction games, this is the time to showcase your talents. Instead, create circumstances to freely approach that trans woman you so desire.

Indeed, the best places to make the move may be in a bar or at the bus stop. Also, the canteen, the line, the bathroom or the balcony to smoke are also good places to make a move.

For this, you can be clumsy by slightly jostling her, stomping on her, dropping your stuff or spilling your drink near her.

Ask an accomplice for help

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Trans women often get a lot of scornful looks from others. All they need is to be loved, to be accepted. The best way to win a trans woman’s heart is to take it through an intermediary.

If you are friends with a person of her entourage or if you know someone close to her, simply ask this person for help. This person will take care of creating an opportunity for contact, making it easier for you to talk to the trans woman.

Go directly to her and joke with her

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Beware! Do not rush, trans women are not easy prey as you may think, they are rather women of character. That’s why you have to prepare yourself well before going to meet her.

Talking and laughing with her is a bold move that will increase your chances of winning her heart. However, never discuss about her transgender transformation, it could make her uncomfortable, thus spoiling the atmosphere.

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