The famous website My Transsexual Date changes its name to My Transgender Date !

Home page of the new dating site My Transgender Date!

All the users and subscribers of My Transsexual Date have noticed the change of name of the site to My Transgender Date. And since, various questions do not cease fusing about it. Why this radical change of name for such a recognized site?

A little history on My Transgender Date ?

When the site was launched in 2013, the creators had chosen to use the name My Ladyboy Date. At that time, the website was specifically for trans people in the Asian continent.

Wanting to expand, the designers tried to make to encourage an involvement of people from many backgrounds. To solve this problem the creation of a new dating website more generalist of name was felt.

My Transsexual Date is the name chosen by the creators for their new dating site. With this new name, the platform went international from 2014 until it became My Transgender Date in 2021.

The ambitions of the creators of the site for the transgender community

Before this name change, the founders of the site had first confronted their ideas on “transsexual” and “transgender” in order to choose the one that attracts the most users. For them, “transsexual” was the dominant name given by trans women and men looking for trans.

The involvement of personalities to make the denomination evolve

As time went on, the “trans” population grew and in the same direction, many things changed, making the term transgender dominant instead of transsexual. World-class and high-profile celebrities have started to join the transgender cause.

One of the most prominent celebrities is Caitlyn Marie Jenner, a transgender woman. Although she is part of the movement, she is a media and political figure in the United States who has allowed the language to evolve on this subject. Her dedication shows the extent to which “trans” people honorably display their pride.

The reasons for the name change

During the year 2021, the clash of ideas about the name resurfaced. The rise of more reasonable political beliefs led My Transsexual Date to question their decision.

The notoriety that the expression “transgender” has known in this year is clearly better compared to “transsexual”. The latter is even considered unpleasant according to the point of view of some people. The choice remained between following the new trend of the name given to the “trans” population or remaining static.

That’s when the idea of renaming the site was set in motion to arrive at My Transgender Date. It was the new trend that pushed the creators of the site to change the name of the website.

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